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Dance Vision

American Smooth Tango Open Bronze Variations

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DVD Track List

1) Shadow Left Turn
Promenade to Fan, Underarm Turn end in Shadow Position, Basic Left Turn in Shadow, Man 2 Steps Back to P.P. - Lady 3 Steps Back to P.P., Reverse Promenade Link Ending.

2) Back Fans
2 Walks to Reverse Turn into Back Fan Position, Fans, Rock to Fan Position, 2 Change of Places, Swivel to Tango Close Ending.

3) Shadow Right Foot Lunge
2 Walks, Curl into Shadow, Chassé Left, Lunges, Oversway, Pivot, Tango Close Ending.

4) Check Promenade to Shadow Rondé
Check Promenade, Curl, Floor Rondé, Walks in Shadow to Left Side by Side Position, Open Swivel to Tango Close Ending

Review variations 1-4 in a routine format.

5) Side by Side Rocks
Open Left, Lady Curl and out to Side by Side Position, Curl Lady in to Lunge, Back to Side by Side Rock, Twist & Flicks, Back to P.P., Reverse Promenade Link Ending.

6) Shadow Switches
Promenade to Right End in Shadow, Overturn Open Left, Overturn Open Right, Overturn Open Left, Fan Position, Swivel Tango Close Ending.

7) Hammerlock Kicks
Promenade to Fan, Change of Place, 2 Step Kicks in Hammerlock Position, Tango Close Ending.

8) Shadow Kick Ball Change & Twist
Twist Turn to Right to Fan Position, Change of Place to Shadow, Shadow Kick Ball Change, 2 Walks, Twist, Outside Swivel to Close Position Ending.

Review variations 5-8 in a routine format.



Approximately 69 minutes

Produced in 2004