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Toby Harmony Munroe

Country Western Waltz Silver Syllabus

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DVD Track List

Introduction to Silver Waltz

1) Open Left Turn
2) Open Right Turn
3) Open Left Turn with Left Underarm Turn
4) Flip Flops
5) Syncopated Right Underarm Turn to Developé & Hover

Demonstration of Figures 1-5

6) Hairpin from Promenade Position
7) Syncopated Grapevine to Fallaway Freespin
8) Hairbrushes
9) Chair & Slip
10) Fallaway & Weave

Demonstration of Figures 6-10

11) Promenade Pivot
12) Alternating Underarm Turn Sequence
13) Open Right Turn In Shadow Position
14) Windmill & Quick Reverse
15) Curved Feather in Shadow

Demonstration of Figures 11-15

Dance Demonstration

Approximately 102 minutes

Produced in 2009