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Dance Vision

American Smooth Waltz Open Silver Variations

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DVD Track List

1) Shadow Run Around
1 - 3 Open Left, 3 Count Swivel, Check & Developé, Run Around, Man Open Impetus and Lady Spin to P.P., 4 - 6 Twinkle Ending.

2) Handshake Flip Flop to Developé
Twinkle to Flip Flop Position, Flip Flop Lady to Left Side, Flip Flop Lady to Right Side, Man Chassé Forward while Lady Turns Left Under Handshake, Man Check Forward Right Foot - Lady Developé with Right Foot, Back to P.P., 4 -6 Syncopated Viennese Turn, 4 -6 Open Left Ending.

3) Shadow Telemark
Twinkle, 1 -3 Open Right, Progressive Forward in Shadow Position, Shadow Telemark, Hairpin in Shadow, Basic Twinkle Ending.

4) Left Side Rock into Left Handshake Flip Flops
Progressive Twinkle, Pivot, Left Side Rock, Walk Around Each Other, Flip Flops, 4 -6 Basic Twinkle Ending.
Review variations 1- 4 in a routine format.

5) Side by Side Grapevines
1 - 3 Open Left to Hinge, Progressive Twinkles in Right Shadow Position, 2 Grapevines, Man Side Chassé - Lady Turning Right, Basic Twinkle Ending.

6) Advanced Shadow Progressive Twinkles
Twinkle, Open Right, 4 - 6 Man Open Right - Lady Run Thru to Shadow - Switch Sides to Left Shadow, Progressive Twinkles with Lady Switching from Left to Right Side and Right to Left Side, Syncopated Open Ending.

7) Shadow Developé
1 - 3 Twinkle, Progressive with Lady Underarm Turn, Handshake Twinkle, Man Chassé Forward -Lady 3 Step Turn Left, Man Spiral Lady on Right Foot & Hold Lady Developé Left Foot, Exit to Left Side by Side, Basic Twinkle Ending.

8) Fallaway & Weave to Runaround
1 - 3 Fallaway & Weave, 4 - 6 Fallaway & Weave with a Hover Corté Ending, Runaround, Man Go Back into Right Foot Lunge - Lady Forward Outside Position, Oversway, Scoop to P.P., 4 - 6 Basic Twinkle Ending.
Review variations 5-8 in a routine format.

Notes: Progressive Twinkles are also known as Spirals.


Approximately 69 minutes

Produced in 2004