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Dance Vision

American Smooth Tango Open Silver Variations

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DVD Track List

1) Pivot to Grapevine & Argentine Flick
Promenade to Pivot Overturn to end Outside Position, Grapevine, Overturn Open Left, Swivel to Leg Hook, Left to Other Leg Hook, Outside Swivel, Tango Close Ending.

2) Double Rondé with Hand to Hand Press Lines
Double Rondé with Lady end Outside Position, Lady Swivel on Right Foot & Kick on Left Foot, Man Left Side by Side Position, Press Lines, Man Walks - Lady 3 Step Left, Tango Close Ending.

3) Shadow Viennese Crosses
2 Walks to Telemark, Oversway, Pivot to Shadow, 2 Viennese Crosses, Lunge Line, Tango Close Ending.

4) Promenade Pivot to Barrel Roll
Promenade Pivots, Grapevine, Barrel Roll to Lunge, Grapevine to Rondé, Promenade Closed Ending.
Review variations 1- 4 in a routine format.

5) Viennese Cross to Overturned Wrap
2 Viennese Crosses to Crossbody to Fan, Tango Walks to Shadow Position, 2 Walks in Shadow, Wrap, Promenade Closed Ending.

6) Twist Turn Pivots with Hand to Hand Rocks
Twist Turn to Outside Spin & Pivot, Pivot to Rondé, Left Side by Side, Hand to Hand Rocks, Neck Roll In, Neck Roll Out to Closed Position.

7) Same Foot Lunge to Side by Side Check
Overturn Left Turn, Natural Walks, Same Foot Lunge to Wings, Side by Side, Check & Point, Tango Close Ending.

8) Fallaway to Check & Free Spin
Fallaway, Reverse Check, Outside Swivel, Contra Check to P.P., Free Spins, Tango Closed Ending.

Review variations 5-8 in a routine format.


Approximately 68 minutes

Produced in 2004