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Dance Vision

International Latin Paso Doble Technique Figures

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DVD Track List

History of Paso Doble
Posture in Paso Doble
Arm Styling
Body Positions and Holds
Paso Doble Walks
The Apel
Methods of Changing Feet
Contra Body Movement Position
Foot Positions
Paso Doble Warm Up
1) Surplace
2) Basic Movement Forward and Back
3) Chassé to Right
4) Chassé to Left
5) The Drag
6) The Deplacement
7) Promenade Link
8) Promenades
9) Fallaway Whisk
10) Separation
11) Separation with Lady's Caping Walks
Bronze Paso Doble Routine

Silver Level
12) Separation with Fallaway Ending
13) The Huit
14) The Sixteen
15) Promenade and Counter Promenades
16) The Grand Circle
17) The Open Telemark
18) The La Passe
19) The Banderillas
20) Twist Turn
21) Fallaway Reverse
22) Coup Di Pique
23) Left Foot Variation
24) Spanish Line
Silver Paso Doble Routine

Gold Level
25) Flamenco Taps with Spanish Line
26) Syncopated Separation
27) Traveling Spins
28) The Farol
29) The Twists
30) The Chassé Cape
Gold Paso Doble Routine

Approximately 103 minutes

Produced in 2006