Smooth Waltz Bronze Variations

American Smooth Waltz Open Bronze Variations

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DVD Track List

1. Single Corté (Tango)
2. Open Fan (Tango)
3. Continuous Left Rock Turn (Tango)
4A. Fifth Position Breaks (V. Waltz)
4B. Fifth Position Breaks with Underarm Turn (V. Waltz)
5A. Cross Body Lead (V. Waltz)
5B. Cross Body Lead with Underarm Turn (V. Waltz)
Demonstration - Figures 1-5

6. Promenade (Foxtrot)
7. Zig Zag Outside Partner (Foxtrot)
8. Turning Twinkle to Outside Partner (Foxtrot)
9. Promenade Twist (Foxtrot)
10. Promenade Pivot (Foxtrot)
Demonstration - Figures 6-10


Approximately 81 minutes

Produced in 2007