Smooth Foxtrot Bronze Variations

American Smooth Foxtrot Open Bronze Variations

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DVD Track List


1. Single Corté (Tango)
2. Twist Turn to Right (Tango)
3A. Fifth Position Breaks (V. Waltz)
3B. Fifth Position Breaks with Underarm Turn (V. Waltz)
4A. Cross Body Lead (V. Waltz)
4B. Cross Body Lead with Underarm Turn (V. Waltz)
5. Two Way Underarm Turn (Waltz)
Demonstration - Figures 1-5

6. Face to Face, Back to Back (Waltz)
7. Progressive Twinkles (Waltz)
8. Promenade Chassé (Waltz)
9. Fallaway and Basic (Waltz)
10. Twinkle & Weave (Waltz)
Demonstration - Figures 6-10


Approximately 80 minutes

Produced in 2007