American Rhythm Mambo Bronze Syllabus

American Rhythm Mambo Bronze Syllabus

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DVD Track List

Introduction to Mambo

1) Forward and Back Basic
2) Side Breaks
3) Side Breaks and Cross
4) Cross-Body Lead
5) Open Break and Underarm Turn

Demonstration of Figures 1-5

6) Crossover Break and Walk Around Turn
7) Shoulder Check
8) Promenade Swivel and Close
9) Alternating Underarm Turns
10) Rueda Basic

Demonstration of Figures 6-10

11) Cross-Body Lead with Inside Turn
12) Back Spot Turn
13) Mambo Twist
14) Forward Spot Turn to Surprise
15) Crossover Swivels & Pull-Back

Demonstration of Figures 11-15

Dance Demonstration


Approximately 83 minutes

Produced in 2015