Billy Fajardo Katie Marlow

Gold Hustle Variations & Techniques

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DVD Track List

Evolution of Hustle
1) Open Break, Exchange of Sides to Handshake, Illusion Turns, Underarm Pass, Exchange of Sides, Slide of Hand to Comb
2) Open Break, Shadow, Wrap Turn, Opening Out, Leader's Right Turn, end in Closed Position
3) Open Break, Shadow, Double Free Spin with Leader Syncopated Basic, Visual New York Walk, Open Break
4) Open Break, Exchange of Sides, Inside Turn to Swivels, Syncopated Double Inside Turn to Swivels, Bridge to Wrap Turn
5) Open Break, Exchange of Sides to Handshake Position, Exchange of Sides to Double Hand Shake, Double Inside Turn to Double Hand Body Wrap, Opening Out to Male Half Turn, Rotation into Closed Position
6) Diamonds, Diamond with Leader Turning, Trail the Arm to Opening Out, Wrap with Leader's Half Turn Right, Closed Position to Open Break
7) Pivots to Follower's Free Spin, end in Closed Position
8) Carousel, Behind the Back, Follower's Double Spin, end in Closed Position
9) Open Break, Change of Sides, Multiple Rib Checks, Open Break
10) Open Break to Double Hand Pass, Leader?s Body Wrap to Back Push, Back to Back Shadow, Latch Turn

Approximately 91 minutes

Produced in 2004