Toby Harmony Munroe

Country-Western Cha Cha Gold Syllabus

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DVD Track List

1) Behind The Back Pass and Points
2) Wrap In / Wrap Out to Rhondé
3) Syncopated Back Spot Turn and Opening Out Spiral
4) Continuous Lock
5) Chicken Roll (Swivel/Pop Combo)

Demonstration of Figures 1-5

6) Overturned Three Cha Cha?s to Hip Bump
7) Syncopated Crossovers to Grapevine
8) Rhondé Chassé Combination
9) Shoulder Check Combination
10) Telemark Combination

Demonstration of Figures 6-10

11) Shine Combination
12) Outside Lock to Continuous Right Underarm Turn
13) Twisty Leg Rhondé
14) Rag Doll Combination
15) Open Hip Twist Combination

Demonstration of Figures 11-15

Dance Demonstration

Approximately 100 minutes

Produced in 2009