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Dance Vision

Argentine Tango Strictly Sacadas

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DVD Track List

Introduction/About Sacadas
1) Basic Left Foot Sacada
2) Molinete Right with Sacadas
3) Molinete Left with Sacadas
4) Tijeras
5) Sacada from Outside Partner Right
6) Sacada from Outside Partner Left
7) Sacada to Shadow Position
8) Back Sacada
9) Back Sacada to Calesita in Carpa
10) Back Sacada from Change of Direction in Turn
11) Sacadas to Over Turned Forward Ochos
12) Follower's Sacada to the Leader's Forward Cross Step
13) Follower's Back Sacada to Leader's Side Step
14) Follower's Back Sacada to Leaders Forward Cross Step
15) Leader's Triple Sacadas
16) Advanced Sacada Combination
17) Ultra Advanced Sacada Combination
Dance Demonstration


Approximately 63 minutes

Produced in 2007