Smooth Foxtrot Silver Variations

American Smooth Foxtrot Open Silver Variations

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DVD Track List

1. Open Right Turn with Underarm Turn (Waltz)
2. Twinkle Connection (Waltz)
3. Check to Open Fallaway (Waltz)
4. Progressive Twinkles (Waltz)
5. Syncopated Viennese Cross Turn (Waltz)
Demonstration - Figures 1-5

6. Flip Flops (Waltz)
7. Oversway & Rondé (Tango)
8. Swivel Fans (Tango)
9. Reverse Underarm Turn (V. Waltz)
10. Flairs (V. Waltz)
Demonstration - Figures 6-10


Approximately 85 minutes

Produced in 2007