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Miami Shoe - Dark Tan Satin 2.5" Flare

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The Miami is a shoe used for Latin and/or Rhythm. These shoes are most often strappy, flesh-toned, and higher in height enhance body action.

The 2.5" Flare version of this shoe provides slightly less stability, and is recommended for one with previous dance experience. If you are looking for a sturdier shoe, we suggest looking at the Phoenix.

Microfiber lined braided strapping. This shoe molds to the foot ensuring immediate comfort with no skin irritation.
  • Comfort Fit Width
  • Moisture Wicking 100% Suede Leather Insole
  • Ultra-Fine Silk Blend Satin
  • Anti-Bacterial Latex memory foam padding
  • Tendon Protecting Heel Cushion Ensures Comfort and Security
  • Fully Micro Fiber Lined Strapping
  • Graded Heel Heights for Perfect Balance
  • High Quality Rhinestone Buckles
  • Ultra-Stable 4-Prong Heel Attachment
  • Featherweight and Instantly Flexible
  • Ergonomic Shank Ensures Full Foot Support