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Dance Vision

Country-Western Night Club Two-Step Gold Syllabus

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DVD Track List

1)Carousel & Barrel Roll
2)Curved Windmill
3)Shadow Box
4)Right to Right Headloop, Elbow Catch & Spiral
5)Sit Dip Combination

Demonstration of Figures 1-5

7)Wrap Combination
8)Continuous Drape
9)Tummy Wrap
10)Side Lean

Demonstration of Figures 6-10

11)Side Lunge & Duck
12)Telespin to Fallaway with Left Rock Turn
13)Shaping Line
14)Right to Right Shoulder Drape Combination
15)Advanced Man Spin & Knee Catch

Demonstration of Figures 11-15

Dance Demonstration

Approximately 135 minutes

Produced in 2009