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Dance Vision

American Smooth Bronze Syllabus Manual 2024 Edition

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2024 Edition © Dance Vision

Our latest Bronze Smooth Syllabus Manual offers the possibility of a comprehensive education in Smooth dancing for everyone.

  • The Bronze Syllabus Manual is the foundation of the entire Dance Vision Smooth Syllabus System
  • A non-sequential structure enables flexibility and personalized learning experiences
  • Recommended figure lists for Bronze 1, 2, 3, & 4 included for guidance if needed
  • Features over 60 Bronze combination examples

All newly purchased manuals are up-to-date. If you purchased a previous version of this product that may contain minor typos or errors, please view our publicly available updates and corrections here.

Progression of Elements

This foundational Bronze Manual lays the groundwork, with the figures in it progressively evolving in the Silver and Gold levels.

Common Elements

Includes section with figures common amongst several dances.

Consistency of Language

Simplified and consistent terminology used throughout all charts.

Lead and Follow Skills

Shortened figures (most 2 bars or less) enhance lead and follow skills and open up limitless possibilities for combinations.

Product Details

  • 189 Pages with Full Color Printing
  • Frosted Cover and Non-Exposed Tabs for Increased Durability
  • Stamped Foil Detail 
  • Pages for Notes
  • Manual Review
  • Manual Review
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