Smooth Foxtrot Silver Variations

American Smooth Foxtrot Open Silver Variations

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DVD Track List

1) Shadow Hairpin
Progressive Twinkle to Progressive Step, Man Open Left to Chassé with Reverse Pivot - Lady 3 Step Left with Reverse Pivot, Shadow Hairpin, Man Open Impetus - Lady Spin to P.P., Man Underarm Pass - Lady Turn Right, end Outside Partner.

2) Curved 3 Step & Hairpin in Alternate Hold
Developé, Fallaway & Weave, Check Slip Pivot to Curve 3 Step & Hairpin, Open Impetus Together & Progressive Ending.

3) Shadow Weave
Curved 3 Step Left, Hover, Man Back Chassé - Lady 3 Step Right, Progressive Twinkle (Spiral) in Shadow Position, Natural Weave in Shadow, Chassé in Shadow, Man Chassé Turning Right - Lady 3 Step Right, 4 -6 Open Left.

4) Shimmy Walks & Overturn Wrap
Twinkles to Open Natural, Shimmy Walks, Man Open Right - Lady Forward to Shadow, Man Straight Forward - Lady 3 Step Right into Wrap, Man Back onto Left Foot, Right Foot Lunges -Lady 3 Step Left, Hand to Hand 3 Step Twice, Back to Normal Hold.

Review variations 1-4 in a routine format.

5) Underarm Pass to Check
Twinkle, Open Right, Man 3 Steps Forward - Lady Chassé, Check Rock to Grapevine, Man Hairpin - Lady 3 Step Right Ending Hairpin, Open Impetus, Progressive Ending.

6) Fallaway Contra Check & Pivots
Fallaway, Contra Check to Promenade, Pivots, Rondé to Lady in Front - Man Behind - Bounce Side to Side, Man Back Step Point x 2- Lady Step Point x 2, Repeat, Open Left Ending.

7) Advanced Shadow Grapevines
Twinkle, Man Chassé - Lady 3 Step Left into Shadow, Progressive Forward, Shadow Telemark, Shadow Grapevines Switch Sides with Lady, Man Chassé - Lady 3 Step Right to P.P., Progressive 3 Step Ending.

8) Side by Side Switching Grapevines
Twinkle to Check in P.P. to Left Side by Side Position, Grapevine, Switch, Grapevine, Check Across, Rondé, Progressive 3 Step Ending.

Review variations 5-8 in a routine format.

Note: Progressive Twinkles are also know as Spirals


Approximately 71 minutes

Produced in 2004