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Dance Vision

Turns & Arm Styling

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DVD Track List

A. Definitions
B. Body Position
C. Head
D. Hips
E. Spine
F. Rotation of the Feet
G. Closing the Opposite Side of the Body
H. Three Step Turn
I. Walk Around Turn/Spot Turn
J. Spiral Turn
K. One Foot Spin

1) Variation 1
Three Step Turn
Walk Around Turn
Walk Around Turn
Three Step Turn
Walk Around Turn
Walk Around Turn

2) Variation 2
Walk Around Turn
Spiral Turn
One Foot Spin
Walk Around Turn
Arm Styling

Introduction to Arm Styling
1) Arm Parts
2) Picking Up the Arm
3) Intentions of the Arm Movements
4) Articulation of the Movement
5) Flow of the Movement
6) Range of Motion
7) Changes of Energy
8) Examples of Arm Movements
a) Frame
b) Presentation
c) Closing the Body
d) Back Breaks
e) Cucurachas/Side Breaks
f) Cross Over Breaks
g) Walk Around Turn

Approximately 113 minutes

Produced in 2010