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Dance Vision

International Standard Quickstep Silver Variations & Techniques

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Variations are a different way of grouping or mixing steps.  These videos contain advanced patterns, enhanced with additional elements, intended to help you take your dancing to a new level, and are excellent for social dancing as well as showcase and competition routines.  These variation videos will not review the basic patterns since it is assumed that they are already known.

DVD Track List

Variation 1A:  1-3 of a Natural Turn, Open Impetus  (Exit A) Bullet (S&Q&QQQQQ, S&Q&QQQQQ)

Variation 1B:  1-3 of a Natural Turn, Open Impetus (Exit B) Inside Lock, Outside Lock, 4 Runs X 2

Variation 2A:  Scoop and Hover (Exit A) Dbl Syncopated Lock, Single Syncopated Lock, Single Syncopated Natural Chassé, Dbl Syncopated Back Lock, 4 Back Lilt Runs, Running Finish end in P.P. or Closed Position

Variation 2B:  Scoop and Hover (Exit B) Dbl Syncopated Hop Lock, Quick Open Reverse, Reverse Pivot, Quick Open Reverse, Step Hop, Dbl Syncopated Hopping Chassé, Outside Check, Syncopated Chassé, Passing Natural Turn, Running Finish end in P.P. or Closed Position

Variation 3A:  1-3 Natural Turn, 2 Pivots (Exit A) Running Right Turn, Running Finish

Variation 3B:  1-3 Natural Turn, 2 Pivots (Exit B) 2 Over Turned Turning Locks to the Right, end in P.P.

Variation 4A:  Turn Hop, Turn Hop from Promenade Position (Exit A) 2 Slow and Hopping Chassés, 2 Quick and Hopping Chassés, Turn Hop, Dbl Syncopated Hop Locks

Variation 4B:  Turn Hop, Turn Hop from Promenade Position (Exit B) 2 Hopping Chassés to the Right, Hopping Chassé to the Left, Hopping Chassé to the Right, Dbl Syncopated Hop Lock

Approximately 83 minutes

Produced in 2004