International Latin Samba Bronze Variations

International Latin Samba Bronze Variations

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DVD Track List

 Introduction to Basic Samba Techniques

1) Progressive Basic Movement
A) Exaggerated shapes to the side, B) Ladies Underarm Turn

2) Outside Basic Movement
A) Progressive, B) Outside Swivel for Lady

3) Whisks to the Right and Left
A) With Rondé, B) Change of Timing

4) Samba Walks in Promenade Position
A) Samba Walks with Rondé, B) Change of Places

5) Traveling Bota Fogos
A) Underarm Turns

6) Bota Fogos to Promenade and Counter Promenade
A) Slow Spot Turns, B) Free Spins to Slow Spot Turns

7) Reverse Turn
A) Underarm Turn

8) Closed Rocks
A) Ladies Flair

9) Dance Demonstration

Approximately 60 minutes

Produced in 2004