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Smooth Bronze Routine Entrances

American Smooth Bronze Routine Entrances

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DVD Track List

Introduction to Smooth Entrances

1) Entrance with Cuddle Wrap and Shadow Position
2) Entrance with Shadow Whisk and Check & Developé
3) Entrance with Spiral Flair
4) Entrance with Criss Cross Twinkles, Free Spin and Wing

1) Entrance with Leg Crawl
2) Entrance with Bandarillas
3) Entrance with Contra Rock in Shadow Position
4) Entrance with Side by Side Capeing Action

1) Entrance with Shadow & Side by Side Grapevines
2) Entrance with Circular Grapevine
3) Entrance in Open Position with Free Turns Right & Left
4) Entrance with Developé

Viennese Waltz
1) Entrance with Cantor Rhythm Change of Place and Fifth Position Breaks
2) Entrance with Checked Underarm Turn
3) Entrance with Change of Place and Bow & Curtsey
4) Entrance with Double Leg Rondé and Standing Spin

Approximately 149 minutes

Produced in 2008